Under Siege: Four African Cities
Freetown, Johannesburg, Kinshasa, Lagos




Cities in Transition: The Fate of African Urban Systems

AbdouMaliq Simone
The Visible and Invisible: Remaking Cities in Africa

Carole Rakodi
Order and Disorder in African Cities: Governance, Politics, and Urban Land Development Processes

Antoine Bouillon
Between Euphemism and Informalism: Inventing the City

Achille Mbembe and Janet Roitman
Figures of the Subject in Times of Crisis

From Obsolescence to Dynamism: Reinterpreting African Urban Futures

Babatunde A. Ahonsi
Popular Shaping of Metropolitan Forms and Processes in Nigeria: Glimpses and Interpretations from an Informed Lagosian

Lindsay J. Bremner
Closure, Simulation, and “Making Do” in the Contemporary Johannesburg Landscape

Rem Koolhaas
Fragments of a Lecture on Lagos

Thierry Nlandu
Kinshasa: Beyond Chaos

Ibrahim Abdullah
Space, Culture, and Agency in Contemporary Freetown: The Making and Remaking of a Postcolonial City

Exploring the Rift/Shift in the African Urban Paradigm

Maxine Reitzes
“There’s Space for Africa in the New South Africa (?)”: African Migrants and Urban Governance in Johannesburg

Koku Konu
Regenerating Downtown Lagos

Filip De Boeck
With photographs by Marie-Françoise Plissart
Kinshasa: Tales of the “Invisible City” and the Second World

Alfred B. Zack-Williams
Freetown: From “the Athens of West Africa” to a City Under Siege: The Rise and Fall of Sub-Saharan First Municipality

Onookome Okome
Writing the Anxious City: Images of Lagos in Nigerian Home Video Films

Urban Processes and Change in Africa

Mohamadou Abdoul
The Production of the City and Urban Informalities: The Borough of Thiaroye-sur-mer in the City of Pikine, Senegal

Victor A.O. Adetula
Welfare Associations and the Dynamics of City Politics in Nigeria: Jos Metropolis as Case Study

Mohammed Gheris
Housing in Marrakech: The Contradictions of Public Interventions

Jean Omasombo Tshonda
Kisangani and the Curve of Destiny

Mohammed-Bello Yunusa
Environment and Inhabitants of an Unplanned Area of Zaria, Nigeria

Bahru Zewde
The City Center: A Shifting Concept in the History of Addis Ababa