Créolité and Creolization




Toward an Ethic of Vigilance: Créolité and Creolization

Derek Walcott
Exasperating Theory

Ginette Ramassamy
Which “Ethics of Vigilance” To Put into Place?

Stuart Hall

Derek Walcott
More than Criticism

Open Session

Modernity, Creolization, and Globalization

Petrine Archer-Straw
Paradise, Primitivism, and Parody

Virginia Pérez-Ratton
Central America and Creolization: The Invisible Caribbean?

Gerardo Mosquera
Global Islands

Open Session

Creole Systems and Cultural Production

Dame Pearlette Louisy
Nation Languages and National Development in the Carribbean: Reclaiming Our Own Voices

Annie Paul
Sound Systems Against the “Unsound System” of Babylon: Rude/Lewd Lyrics vs. Nude Tourists in Jamaica

Jean Bernabé
Creolization, Decreolization, and Linguistic Development

Gerardo Mosquera

Isaac Julien
Creolizing Vision

Open Session

Cosmopolitanism, Urban Culture, and Creole Identity in the 21st Century

Juan Flores
The Diaspora Strikes Back: Créolité in the Hood

Françoise Vergès
Kiltir Kreol: Processes and Practices of Créolité and Creolization

Stuart Hall
Creolization, Diaspora, and Hybridity in the Context of Globalization

Open Session

Writing Creole: Narrative, Literary Production, and the Language of Creoleness

Robert Chaudenson
To Write a Creole, to Write in Creole

Jean Claude Carpanin Marimoutou
Literature, the Imaginary, and Creolization: Texts and Intertexts

Derek Walcott
The Length of the Breath

Open Session and Conclusion